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Welcome to EGV’s very first Blog!

Welcome to EGV’s very first Blog!


We aim to extremely refresh your confidence in the world of, dare we say it, ‘Cleaning’!


Quite a while ago now we came across, ‘This Young Economist”, who simply wrote an article/blog page titled, Who decided that some professions are noble?


You are probably thinking, at this stage, what has this got to do with cleaning?

Oh then you must read on…….


Interestingly, with the decision made to add a Blog to our website This Young Economist headliner was forefront in our thoughts.


In reference to professions, the 2 word definitions below may help you decide the answer to the question.


Noble (adjective) of superior quality or kind: excellent

Ignoble (adjective) not honourable in character or purpose


Extreme Gleam Victoria (EGV) has no doubt we are of a “noble profession” Our team have a purpose to serve & a passion to clean and there is certainly nothing ignoble about that.


On closing our first blog today we leave you with this quote for the day

‘Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard’  – Kevin Durant

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