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Yes, DIY window cleaning is that for sure.

The suns out, it’s a beautiful day, your enthused to get those windows cleaned inside and outside. Yup, easy peasy, nothing too it, just a mornings work. You tell yourself fresh clean windows just make you feel good, right!

You turn on a little music; add a cup of freshly brewed coffee to the mix and you are set to get on with the tasks at hand……..

…6pm that same day…….
………….the song ‘Don’t let the sun go down on me’ is humming like a bird in your head,
……………… the window cleaning task is nowhere near finished and you wonder why?


The ladder was missing from the shed; eldest child borrowed it and forgot to tell you.
The hose had a few wee little holes in it and decided it was now a soaker hose.
Visitors called in for just a cuppa:- stayed for lunch.
Birdie poop took forever to remove on outside windows.
Cobwebs took time to remove inside and outside, in the corners of the windows.
Fly wire screens taken down, alas a few repairs required, so off to Bunnings
Fought with the plants against the windows, secateurs required:- continued on pruning rose bush after rose bush.
Electric Hedge-trimmers needed a run, while I was enjoying the great outdoors
Mold, mold everywhere was mold to wash down. So why not was the car too.


Book in a professional window cleaning service NOW with Extreme Gleam Victoria
Streak free guarantee, packages to suit your budget:- mini, standard or premium.

Extreme Gleam Victoria, EGV for short,
we don’t just clean the windows, we ensure the
tracks, sills ledges and fly wire screens are done too !

There is NO similarity between a simple Sunday morning DIY window clean and a EGV professional window clean, the shine and sparkle just lasts longer. The job gets done.

We are a glass act !


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