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Not everyone buys just because the price is low? NOR Does everyone believe the higher price is always the best price?

Let’s talk about Price versus Value in regards to buying a service you need, not so much a product.

Value is the benefit that the service provides you with.
Price, yep you guessed it, the price you pay for the service.

Everywhere you look you see simple marketing and advertising gimmicks.
such as ‘Cheapest in town’ ‘We’re Number One’ ‘We are the largest’ We are family owned etc etc. Just a question, Does this add Value or benefit you in anyway?

Price v Value we believe is as important as Great Expectations should result in Great Experiences:-
At EGV we believe consumers have a great expectation and deserve a great experience when it comes to a service. After all they are the ones paying for solutions to their problems ending in excellent results.

“ Many moons ago when I was little, my mum often talked about her chiropodists and the importance of looking after your feet. Some 50 years on these little conversations resonate, having just developed a small, nothing major, toe problem causing me on and off again pain.

Who do I make a booking with ? What will they do? Will it cost a fortune? Aren’t they called Podiatrist now? To be honest I didn’t pay too much attention to slogans, advertising etc I really just wanted to get an appointment fast, one that would relieve my problem and work around my work schedule. I remembered a friend, a nurse in fact, that had, had a similar toe issue and recalls her telling me about her experience with a local podiatrist. It was ‘all too easy and so positive”, is all I recall now of the conversation, most likely because at that time,‘ I didn’t need one did I? I was never really ever going to need one?
……after making a phone call and explaining my situation within 2 hours I suddenly found myself in a very large smell so good & so dam comfy leather chair, foot in podiatrist hand, listening to her talking looking out the window not, at the job literally in hand. lol

Within about ¾ of an hour, problem solved, solution found “ im back on my feet again” Strange as it may seem this experience was delightful, calming, insightful, so much so I booked in another service. I tell everyone about the experience, the value, the expectations I had (fix the problem) and the price ! Not cheap, but not an outraging expense either . Matter of fact it was value for money . Isn’t that what we all want, at the end of the day?




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