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Medical Cleaning Service:-A Matter of High Importance !

After recently accompanying a friend to a little Medical Centre in down town Melbourne, i thought i would BLOG today about Medical cleaning services !  As i had 1 hour and 16 minutes to wait in the waiting room that perhaps one could say needed more than a  little cleaning consultation…………  

Did you Know Extreme Gleam Victoria offer Medical Cleaning Services to Ballarat and surrounding towns ?

So if you are a Doctor, a Dentist or a work in a premises that provides medical services,  perhaps its in your interest to know that we have been providing Medical cleaning services to many Medical facilities LARGE and small in Ballarat and surrounding towns for many a years now.

Our cleaning standards are Premium for every clean we provide but when it comes to Medical premises cleaning services we are second to none ! 

Extreme Gleam Victoria have the Expertise and Experience to meet your uncompromising requirements and work with you to provide a customized cleaning solution that will full-fill your premises needs.

We know all about RESULTS MATTER.















































































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