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Well Peeps HELLO, this morning we have finally found a little time to Blog…..

Have you ever had that After the cleaning service “let down feeling” ?

Nothing worse, then you go looking for more faults, areas that have not had the detail, the wow factor you expected and rightfully deserved.

Over the last few months we have been Extremely busy, especially with property owners selling their homes and requiring that Attention to Detail cleaning service. Many many of our bookings of late have been re-cleans, peeps not receiving what they requested from the cleaning business they booked in. Let me tell you Extreme Gleam Victoria, do not do a quick fix clean, you know the type we’re talking about …..surface clean, quick vac, a wipe and mop…in and out type style . We actually Give you what you Require, that is Attention To Detail, to the rooms you’ve requested when booking.

We move furniture, Yes we do:–  we get in behind the bedhead, under the couch & into those high dusting areas. We clean the cupboards inside and outside, bedside tables, lamps, table legs, glass top surfaces, tiles, etc etc. Now you get the picture We give you EXTREME GLEAM !

Drop us an email admin@egv.net.au for a free quote if we can assist you with losing that ” let down feeling” …..


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